Welcome to Sitename, We are happy to inform you that we have joined

We are happy to inform you that we have joined 5 Minute Farmers, a team working with a group of farmers who deliver directly to you anywhere in Chennai.

So wanted to let you know so that you can try out the fruits and vegetables and if you like it, you can suggest the same to your friends/family in your area.

Orders can be placed from Sunday to Friday before 9pm and delivery happens the next day between 12 noon and 9pm.  To place orders go to http://chennai.5minutes.in/order and choose community as COMMUNITYLINK.

Please remember that once you place the order and make the payment, the farmers are paid immediately and only after that they harvest and send the produce.

Please click ‘Our Produce List’ tab to see the produce and price list and orders can be placed directly on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group Link : 5mcarthelplink

5 MINUTE FARMERS: Modes of Payment

Please refill your account by making payments along with your order:
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Account No.: 50200041751642
IFSC: HDFC0000124
Account Type: Current
Holder Name: Five Minutes

Please send by Paypal to accounts@fiveminutes.in (Add 4% for Paypal fees).

Please make UPI payments to fiveminutes@hdfcbank

Please send Google Pay payments to 99620 77572.

CFAQ: Consumers – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the order flow work?
All paid orders placed before noon on any given day, will be delivered before 9am the next day.

Q: How do we order?
A: You can order online or using the app. If you have difficulty, please feel free to contact your coordinator and they may even take the orders on whatsapp or phone.

Q: How fresh would be vegetables?
A: The vegetables will reach you within 24 hours from the day it is harvested.

Q: Why should I pay up front and wait?
A: The farmers in our network always get paid before the produce is taken from them – in fact, in most cases, they harvest the vegetables only after receiving the money and ship it out the same evening. Hence you have to pay upfront.

Q: What is the minimum order value?
A: There is no minimum order value.


Q: How should payment be made?
A: Make the payment directly online using bank transfer or Paypal (for credit/debit cards) or UPI into the account details provided there before midnight on the day you placed the order. Please note that the order will reach the farmers only after the payment is received. We recommend you fill up your account ahead of time with additional amount so that you do not have to refill every time and can just place the orders.

Q: What happens if I do not make the payment on time?
A: The order will be on hold until noon of the day before the order is to be delivered. It will automatically be cancelled if payment is not received by noon on the day before delivery.

Q: Is there a minimum amount for home delivery?
A: During the pilot phase, we have relaxed the minimum amount and hence it is zero at this point in time. We plan to fix the amount based on our experience during pilot and introduce it after the pilot phase.

Q: Is there any fees for becoming a subscriber?
A: During the pilot phase, you can sign up as a subscriber for free. You only pay for the products you order.


Q: What is the charge for delivery?
A: There is no extra charge for deliveries. In future, we intend to introduce overnight model, which might incur some extra delivery charge for the expedited service.

Q: How long it takes to deliver?
A: It takes about 24 hours from the time you place the order.

Q: What is your delivery timings?
It is usually between 6am and 9am only.

Q: Will you deliver at any other time?
A: Our model has the deliveries planned from 6am to 9am only.


Q: What happens when I feel the quality of a produce is not up to my expectations?
A: Our farmers only provide highest grade produce but sometimes mistakes do happen. If you feel any of the produce you have received is not up to your expectation, please report it to us either through the website or through your coordinator, and we will refill the same amount of fresh produce to you with your next delivery for free.

Q: Will I get a refund?
A: There is no refund possible instead the farmers have promised to refill the same amount of the produce for free when the quality is bad.


All our orders follow a simple life cycle:

During the day: Customer places order and makes payment before noon
At noon: All orders due to be sent to the producers are processed.

1pm: Producer gets paid for all ‘Active’ orders due to be procured today and shipped out by producer.
1pm: Producer gets an email with Consolidated Procurement Order report with all items to be procured today.
Before 5pm: Producer procures the items and keeps it ready. The logistics team at origin ships it to the destination city.
During the night/early next day: The logistics team at destination receives the items.

Note: Grading/Sorting/Repacking happens either at producer end or at the destination fulfilment centre based on producer’s choice.

Day Two – Morning: DELIVERY
5am: Last mile logistics team picks the orders from the fulfilment centre in consumer’s area and delivers the orders to the customers’ homes between 6am and 8am.

Note: For recurring orders, the above life cycle is followed and orders are automatically created on order date as though the customer placed the order, but after that all the steps given above are handled on the days mentioned.



18 Manikeswari Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Pincode: 600010.

+91 99-999-99-999